Police Officer Todd Boothe Accused Of Posting Racially Insensitive Photos Of President Obama On Facebook; Chief Kirk Trostle, Others Upset Investigation Is Public


A police officer is under investigation after a city council member found racially insensitive photos on his facebook page, but the police chief and others are mad that the investigation has gone public.

Todd Boothe, a Chico, Calif., police officer is being investigated after Chico City Councilman Randall Stone publicly and privately called for the investigation. Stone reportedly found what he calls "racist" photos of President Obama on Boothe's personal Facebook page, according to Action News Now.

Chico Police Chief Kirk Trostle is not happy that Stone went public with the allegations as he said he was planning on conducting the investigation internally.

"When I'm lead to believe I have the ability to investigate this, and then I see it on the evening news, yes, that offends me," Trostle stated.

The president of the Chico Police Officers Association also expressed his disappointment with Stone.

"The councilman could have handled this completely different, he could have contacted the city manager, or our chief, and we could have handled it that way,” Peter Durfee said.  “Councilman Stone made a statement that Officer Boothe's actions endangered the lives of other officers.  I completely 100% disagree.  Stone has endangered the lives of Todd and his family, instead of going through the proper chain of command."

CBS Sacramento reports that among the posts Stone saw on Boothe’s Facebook page were the president’s face painted like the Joker and another featuring the president dressed in tribal garb, while another post has a homophobic slur.

Stone came across the images after Boothe posted on the councilman’s Facebook page, calling the councilman a name and incompetent.

Boothe’s supporters say he’s protected by the First Amendment, and call the posts satire, not racism.

“Last time I checked, and like I keep saying, this is still the USA, and freedom of speech is freedom of speech,” Durfee stated.

Sources: Action News Now, CBS Sacramento


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