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Police Officer Tases Naked Man Who Bit Police Dog (Video)

Erasmo Garcia-Serna was charged with lewdness, disorderly conduct and biting a police dog during an incident in West Valley City, Utah on Oct. 28.

Police Officer Todd Zahlmann claims he found Garcia-Serna nude and trying to rip gas hoses off pumps outside a Costco store (video below).

“I said, ‘I’ve got a police dog, get on the ground, you’re gonna get bit by the dog,’” Officer Zahlmann told KUTV. “He kept coming at me in a very threatening manner, so I released Lobo [the police dog].”

Lobo charged Garcia-Serna and bit him in the chest. However, Garcia-Serna allegedly "began biting Lobo on the neck and clawing him in the face," states the police report.

“[Lobo] is now getting assaulted, so now I had to go in and help, to prevent him from getting hurt and injured,” added Officer Zahlmann.

According to the Associated Press, Officer Zahlmann used his Taser against Garcia-Serna three times after kicking him.

Garcia-Serna was eventually arrested, but was released from jail on Nov. 15 after promising to appear at a Nov. 25 court date, which he failed to show up for, notes The Salt Lake City Tribune.

There is now a $25,000 arrest warrant issued for Garcia-Serna.

Sources: The Salt Lake City Tribune, Associated Press, KUTV.


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