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Police Officer Soothes Dog Who Bit Him Instead Of Shooting

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Instead of shooting at a dog who bit him, Texas Officer Randall Frederick took the time to calm the dog down and managed to keep her alive.

Geoffrey Wightman was at his home in Round Rock, Texas, with his 4-year-old son and mother-in-law when he called 911 to report a disturbance. Wightman explained to the operator that there was a dog in his home and that she was protective of the family.

Frederick was sent to the home and arrived earlier than Wightman had expected, which is why the Australian Shepherd Jillaroo wasn’t locked away when Frederick arrived.

When Frederick knocked on the door, Wightman’s son ran to open it.

“The dog immediately jumped between him and the officer, and that’s when it was a little bit nerve-racking, because I was watching the dog bite him,” Wightman said.

Jillaroo reportedly bit Frederick twice in the leg and pierced the officer’s skin. However, instead of pulling his gun on the dog, Frederick tried to clam the dog down.

Animal Control arrived shortly after the event to monitor the dog and look over its most recent shot records. Wightman has since vowed to train the dog in order to prevent the same situation from happening in the future.

“We talk about different ways to approach animals, to try and keep them from being aggressive towards officers,” Round Rock Police Cmdr. Jim Stuart said. “And if they do get aggressive, [we talk about] how to deescalate that.”

Stuart noted that all Round Rock police officers are put through an eight-hour training period with a dog trainer in order to handle such situations while causing minimal harm.

Wightman noted that it’s scary to think about how the situation could have ended differently.

Jillaroo will be quarantined at home for the next 10 days.

Sources: Life With Dogs, KVUE

Photo Credit: Life With Dogs 


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