An officer with the Kansas City Kansas Police Department (KCKPD) was shot July 19 and later died from his injuries.

Robert Melton was shot in a residential area and was pronounced dead at 2:55 p.m., the Kansas City Star reported.

The incident began at around 1:30 p.m. when police were called to a location after someone reported gunfire coming from a vehicle.

When officers arrived shortly after, three or four people left the car. One of them was taken into custody, and when officers sought to detain a second, shots were fired.

Melton had no heartbeat when he was taken to the hospital. CPR was performed, but failed to resuscitate him.

“Not again. Prayers started,” a tweet from KCKPD read, according to RT.

Police confirmed that there are two suspects, and that one is still at large.

Melton’s death is the second KCKPD officer in a little over two months. Brad Lancaster, 39, was shot and killed May 9.

Melton served in the honor guard at Lancaster’s funeral.

Kansas City mayor Mark Holland spoke at a press conference July 19 to announce Melton’s death.

“We need to be in prayer for our community,” the mayor said, according to the Star.

Holland also asked people to show patience, presumably in light of recent shootings of police officers across the country.

“Don’t jump to conclusions about this,” he said.

Heavily-armed police units were deployed to the area in the aftermath of the shooting. A woman reportedly exited a house with her hands up and spoke with officers. Shortly after, two children emerged from the house to join the woman.

Officers then entered the property, but left soon afterward. Police did seize a vehicle parked at the property. It has not been confirmed if the house had any connection with the shooting.

Friends of Melton, who had been working as a police captain since May 2015, changed their Facebook profile pictures to a police badge with a black stripe through it.

Sources: Kansas City Star, RT / Photo credit: Kansas City Kansas Police Department/Facebook via RT

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