Police Officer Shoots Pit Bull In The Face, Claims Self-Defense (Photo)

A Suffolk County, New York, police officer shot a pit bull in the face and the dog’s family is demanding an investigation.

The 9-year-old pit bull, named Black, was playing with a ball in the snow in the fenced-in backyard of his Bay Shore home Sunday, when his owner Darell Baldwin heard a pop, reports CBS New York.

Black ran into the home through the open screen door, bleeding.

“Blood was shooting out of her face, I had to grab her and hold her,” Baldwin said.

“My house looked like a crime scene,” Baldwin’s fiancée, Sarah Lightsey, said. “Blood on the doors, all over the floor, on my couch, on blankets, on clothes. Whatever you could imagine, there was blood.”

Baldwin ran outside and encountered a female police officer in the yard who reportedly told him, “Your dog attacked me, I had to let off a round.”

“I said what do you mean? You shot my dog,” Baldwin said.

The officer was responding to an anonymous 911 call that said a dog was tied to a tree, barking in the cold, reports Examiner.

The dog was not found tied to a tree but the officer claims she charged at her, police said.

Baldwin contends that the police officer lied.

“I’m angry because they lied, because they said my dog was tied to a tree, I don’t have any trees in my backyard,” Lightsey said.

Black underwent surgery to have a bullet removed from her jaw. She remains in an animal hospital recovering, and will require more surgery.

“She needs a wire put in her jaw, she has to have all her back teeth on her left side removed and that’s going to cost about another $6,000,” Lightsey said, adding that she wants Black back home. “My house is so quiet without her, my house feels broken.”

Baldwin and Lightsey want an investigation into the incident and, at the very least, the dog’s vet bills paid.

Suffolk County police said there is an ongoing investigating, but there is no standard operating procedure or policy which covers all types of situations to which police respond.

Sources: CBS New York, Examiner / Photo Source: CBS New York


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