Police Officer Shoots Man After Women Refuse 'Sex-Swapping’ Plan (Video)


For several months, Police Officer Frankie Salazar and Jesus Guitron allegedly discussed swapping their female partners for a night of sex in San Antonio, Texas.

Guitron brought his female partner to Officer Salazar’s apartment on Saturday night, but she pushed the cop away when he started kissing her (video below).

The women were indentified as "wives" by News 4 San Antonio, but that's not confirmed.

According to the police report, Officer Salazar’s female partner became upset because she was not aware of the sex-swapping plan.

The San Antonio Express-News reports that words were exchanged between the men, who got into a fistfight.

Officer Salazar told his woman to get his pistol. After returning with the gun, she claimed to see Guitron holding Officer Salazar in a headlock so she fired a warning shot “just to scare him."

When Guitron and his girlfriend tried to leave, Officer Salazar allegedly fired his gun three times, hitting Guitron in the chest, right hand and left pinky.

He is in critical, but stable condition at the San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Officer Salazar was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but was later released from jail on a $50,000 bail.

He was placed on leave without pay by the Olmos Park Police Department, which is a part of San Antonio.

"There's information that some of the parties agreed to exchange sexual partners," San Antonio Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Javier Salazar told News 4 San Antonio. "At some point during the evening's events, somebody changed their mind and their was a disagreement."

“We have an officer that made a mistake, made a bad judgement,” added Olmos Park Police Chief Fritz Bohne. “And as I tried to tell kids that want to get into law enforcement, be careful about your decisions cause decisions have long-term consequences.”

Sources: News 4 San Antonio and San Antonio Express-News


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