Police Officer Shoots Dog While Responding To Possible Burglary


Police in Crowley, Louisiana have launched an internal investigation after an officer shot a homeowner’s dog while responding to a reported burglary on that property.

The incident occurred late Thursday night after the homeowner thought she heard glass breaking in another room and decided to call the police. She reported a possible burglary and said she was locking herself in her bedroom until authorities arrived. While on the phone with the dispatcher, the woman informed them that her dog was outside in the yard but that it was friendly and wouldn’t be aggressive.

The woman was still on the phone with the dispatcher when, all of a sudden, she heard a gunshot. The emergency dispatcher told her that it was safe to go outside to meet the officers, and it was then she saw that her beloved three-year-old chocolate lab Max had been shot behind its ear.

The officer who shot Max claims that the dog was barking and being aggressive towards him, but a neighbor who witnessed the incident says that’s not what happened at all. According to the neighbor’s account, the dog did bark, but it didn’t try to move towards the officer at all. Max was shot behind its left ear with the bullet going through its neck. Fortunately, Max is expected to make a full recovery.

Now, Crowley Police Department is starting a full investigation into the incident, as is required by policy if an officer fires their weapon. Police do say that there was no sign of any burglary or forced entry at the residence.

The Facebook page “Dogs Shot By Cops” recently posted about the story, and many users expressed outrage over what the officer did.

“If the dog was shot behind the ear how could he have been lunging at the officer,” questioned one user. “Lets see if the police investigator can make the correlation that for the bullet to enter behind the ear the cop would have had been behind the dog. I guess the traits of honesty and integrity are not prevalent within the law enforcement community.”

Police have not yet released any updates on the progress of their investigation, and it’s not clear if the homeowner will press charges.


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