Police Officer Shamed For Tasteless Selfie (Photo)


An Istanbul policeman is being slammed today for choosing a wildly inappropriate time to take a selfie. The officer, who remains unnamed, snapped a photo of himself while on a call to talk a man out of committing suicide.

A witness took a picture of the officer taking a selfie and posted it to social media. For good reason, the officer has been widely criticized around the web.

Here's the picture:

The Istanbul Police Department has launched an investigation into the officer's picture. It is not known what punishment the officer would face if it's found that he was, in fact, snapping a photo of himself.

Unfortunately, officers were not able to talk the distraught man out jumping. He took his own life after three hours of standing on the bridge. Family members tell the Hurriyet Daily News this was his third suicide attempt.

Sources: Hurriyet Daily News, Green Prophet


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