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Here Is What Happen When A Police Officer Came Across A Pit Bull

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Sgt. Kurt Bowen of Washington County, Utah made a tragic discovery over this past weekend, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

While on patrol, the man found a pit bull with a devastating puncture would in his torso.

At first glance, Sgt. Bowen thought the dog had been shot with a gun. On further examination, however, it was revealed that the pit bull was shot through the stomach with an arrow.

The pit bull managed to escape whoever committed this sick crime, and was discovered by Old Highway 91 in St. George, Utah by Sgt. Bowen.

AZ Central reports that, upon finding the wounded pup, "He immediately contacted the Ivins City Animal Shelter and started bandaging the open stomach wound."

Agnes Smith, the director of Ivins City Animal Shelter, says that the dog's surgery went well and that he is recovering steadily, but that he is "not out of the woods." The fact that Sgt. Bowen rushed the dog to the hospital no doubt increased its odds of survival by a lot, though.

Unfortunately, this is already the third documented case of domestic animals being shot by darts or arrows this year alone in the United States.

The first two victims were both cats. One succumbed to its wounds in February, but the other, a cat nicknamed quiver, has made a complete recovery following being shot by an arrow earlier this year.

Sources: Life With Dogs, AZ Central


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