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Police Officer Said She Was Fired for Not Wearing Bulletproof Vest After Cancer Surgery

An Orlando police officer is claiming that she was fired because she could not wear a bulletproof vest after her breast cancer surgery.

Master Sergeant Rhonda Huckelberry is a 25-year veteran at the Orlando Police Department. She said she was allowed to work without a vest for the last 17 years, as doctor’s orders said she could not wear one with her breast implants.

She has now filed a lawsuit against the department after she was dismissed and then brought back for light duty.

It seems there were no problems with her not wearing a bulletproof vest until three years ago, when Huckelberry was supervisor of the department’s tactical crime unit. There was a controversial officer-involved shooting which resulted in her being removed from the unit following bad reviews from her supervisor.

The tactical crime unit was ordered by Huckelberry to arrest a man in a Target parking lot as she suspected him of stealing her husband’s credit card.

What should have been a simple arrest turned into a shootout, as Rogelio Cortes attempted to flee from the police. The police shot him four times.

Authorities at first claimed that he tried to ram them with his truck, but video surveillance later showed that his truck was rammed by a patrol car.

Cortes was charged with theft and attempted murder of an officer, but those charges were later dropped.

Huckelberry was cleared of any wrongdoing as Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney said they had the right to shoot him because he was trying to escape.

But Huckelberry still received a poor review from her supervisor after the shooting, and said that ever since then, she has not received any of the assignments she has asked for. Huckelberry said all of the assignments she wants are given to younger, male officers.

Sources: Daily Mail, Click Orlando


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