Cop Goes Home To Find Surprising Note From Teen (Photo)


When a Minnesota police officer came home one day to find a note on his door, he was surprised to learn what the note's author had done while he was away.

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office shared a photo to their Facebook page showing the note found on a deputy's front door, reports Mad World News. A 17-year-old boy named Brett had reportedly left the note after mowing the officer's lawn.

The teen explained why he decided to mow the officer's lawn -- and offered to continue doing so -- for free.

"If its ok with you I would like to mow your lawn for you because your job is hard enough and I think people like you should know that we are behind you guys," Brett wrote in the note.

The teen encouraged the officer to "take the extra hour that it takes to mow and spend time doing what you love."

"THANKS BRETT, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!" the sheriff's office wrote in their Facebook post.

While there has been tension between police officers and the American citizens recently, it must feel nice for officers to be reminded now and again that they are indeed appreciated.

"Our office is deeply appreciative of the kind words and support the law enforcement community has received," the sheriff's office wrote. "We are proud to serve such a great community!"

Sources: Mad World News, Beltrami County Sheriff's Office/Facebook / Photo credit: Beltrami County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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