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Cop Tries To Pull Car Crash Victim Out Of Car, Seems To Hurt Him More (Video)

People around the web are questioning the motives of a Chico, California police officer today after he was seen on camera seemingly forcefully twisting the arm of a man involved in a car accident.

The officer, identified as David Bailey, was called to the scene of a crash recently to help pull 64-year-old Joseph Rosales out of his wrecked car. Though Rosales’ car was totaled in the crash, he looked on the video to be relatively unharmed.

The actions in question take place when Officer Bailey tries to pull Rosales out of his car. Rather than pull the man upwards, he looks to needlessly twist his arm in a painful, unnatural direction. Rosales screams out loud and tells Bailey to stop, but he responds by twisting further.

Here’s the footage:

Rosales spoke to KRCR about the incident, and says he believes Officer Bailey was trying to break his arm.

“There you can see and he tried to break it,” Rosales said about the video. “See he’s twisting it. You can see the marks he left. Nobody should be treated the way that I was. Period. Especially if they are in a car wreck. The Chico police officer hurt me worse than the accident did.”

The Chico Police Department reviewed the footage and found the officer did nothing wrong. Here’s how Lieutenant Mike O’Brien from the department rationalized Bailey’s actions.

“The way that we evaluate this will be the actions of the officer versus the circumstances that were present,” said O’Brien. “Did the officer see a need to get that person out of that car? I would say absolutely.”

Sources: KRCR, The Free Thought Project


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