Police Officer Rescues Duckling Stuck In Hole Beneath Waterfall (Video)


A New York police officer became a hero to a small group of children after rescuing a duckling that became stuck in a hole underneath a waterfall at a park on Long Island, New York (video below).

Nassau County Police Officer Jason Kogan responded to the incident at Long Island’s Mill Pond Park after park attendees noticed the baby duck had been separated from its mother and was unable to get out of the hole. 

A local mother, Allison, who was visiting the park with her children, filmed as Kogan tried to rescue the duckling and reunite it with its parent. 

As Kogan secured the duckling and got it out of the hole, Allison and her children cheered and applauded the officer for his act of kindness. “He’s such a hero!” Allison shouted during the rescue.

“There is no rescue too small for the NCPD,” the department wrote on its Facebook page alongside video of the incident. “Thank you Allison for sending us this video and great job Officer Kogan!"

Watch the rescue below. 

Sources: Rare, The Dodo

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via The Dodo


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