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Police Officer Pulls Woman Over For Running Red Light, Ends Up Saving Her Son's Life

A Michigan woman was surprised by a police officer’s reaction when she was pulled over for running a red light. 

“He didn’t ask for my driver’s license and registration,” Rhonda McArthur told WXYZ. “He looked at him (my son) and asked, ‘Is he OK?’”

As it turns out, he was not OK. McArthur was rushing her 10-year-old son, Nickolas, to the hospital because he was having a life-threatening asthma attack in March 2013.

“I was just hoping I would make it to the doctor,” she said.

Officer Nick Mitchell of Rockwood Police Department saw McArthur speed through a red light and pulled her over. When he looked inside the car he noticed something was not right, which is when he asked if her son was okay. Mitchell said the boy was “gasping for air.”

McArthur then explained to the officer what was happening and told him that her car’s gas tank had 10 miles until empty. Mitchell called for an ambulance, but none were available. He then decided to take matters into his own hands.

“A decision was made to put him in the police car and get him there as fast as we could,” Officer Mitchell said.

A firefighter arrived at the scene with oxygen, and got into the back of the patrol car with Mitchell and McArthur as they raced to the hospital. 

Doctors were able to stabilize Nickolas after some time and, thanks to Mitchell pulling her over, he is OK, WXYZ reports.

McArthur said that she never thought she would be happy about getting pulled over and added that it is possible Mitchell saved her son’s life.

“Thank you for being empathetic,” McArthur told Officer Mitchell, reports Little Things. “Thank you for being there when I didn’t think I needed anybody, but I did.”

Sources: WXYZ, / Photo credit: WXYZ

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