Police Officer Prabhainjana Dwivedi Arrested for Sexually Harassing Female Drivers

Miami-Dade police officer Prabhainjana Dwivedi was arrested by the FBI for allegedly stopping female drivers for no other reason than to initiate “sexually suggestive conversations” and to stare at their breasts.

The Miami Herald reports that the FBi claims Dwivedi made numerous stops that lasted beyond the necessary length of time and that these stops were made “without probable cause, reasonable [suspicion] or other lawful authority to conduct a stop.”

During a stop on May 27, 2011, Dwivedi allegedly instructed a woman to “lower the zipper on the front of her dress down past her breasts to her mid-stomach," according to the FBI.

In another stop, Dwivedi reportedly pulled over a 24-year-old bartender and accused her of driving while intoxicated. Dwivedi then discussed the woman’s breast enhancement surgery and asked “if she had any photographs of her breasts.” 

When he saw the photographs, he asked to see the scars from the surgery. After showing the officer the scars on her breasts, the woman was allowed to drive home.

Officer Dwivedi was also accused of pulling down his pants zipper during a stop.


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