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Officer Paralyzed After Being Shot During Traffic Stop

A St. Louis police officer is paralyzed from the neck down after being shot during a traffic stop.

The incident occurred on July 8. Officer Michael Flamion was shot from behind after stopping a man for speeding in Ballwin, CBS News reported. The suspect was later identified as Antonio Taylor.

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During a news conference, Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott said the shot caused “catastrophic damage” to Flamion’s spinal cord. The motive behind the shooting is unclear at this time, and Scott did not provide any further details about the investigation.

Scott added that Flamion is responsive and recognized all family, friends and colleagues, KMOV reported. Flamion is giving “yes and no” responses, and will require extensive long-term care.

"Officer Flamion has so dedicatedly served the Ballwin community, and he is forever deserving of our long-term support," Chief Scott told reporters. "Although it is evident he will not be able to serve in the same capacity, I will assure you that Officer Flamion is ingrained in the Ballwin police family and will forever be a Ballwin police officer, no questions asked."

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“The support is overwhelming,” Flamion’s wife, Sarah, said during the news conference. “Every day I’m at the hospital. There’s Ballwin police officers, police officers from other municipalities, county, the police wives. There’s so many people wanting to help anyway they can. It is an overwhelming feeling but it is a great feeling,"

A GoFundMe page was started to help pay for officer Flamion’s medical costs. The page has raised more than $237,000 since July 9.

Taylor, who has a criminal history of weapons violations and theft, is currently in jail on $500,000 bond. He is facing several charges, including first-degree assault of a law enforcement officer.

Sources: CBS News, KMOV / Photo credit: Flamion family via GoFundMe, Oklahoma Department of Corrections​ via Daily Mail

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