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Police Officer in Michigan Shoots Deer in the Head at Point Blank Range (Video)

A shocking new video out of Michigan shows a state trooper approaching a deer at point blank range and shooting it in the head.

The video starts with a shot of the deer staring into the headlights of a police car that is parked at what appears to be a gas station right next to a main road. The police car drives up to the deer to try to get it to move, but it still doesn’t budge. Eventually, an officer gets out of the vehicle, walks right up to the deer with a gun pointed at its forehead, and pulls the trigger.

The voice of the person filming the incident then says, “That’s better than hunting.”

Michigan State Police spokesman Lieutenant Mike Shaws claims that the deer was injured and that it doesn’t appear the officer did anything unlawful. Still, police have opened an investigation into the incident. The video has gone viral now, with many people outraged at the cruel action the officer took against the deer.

“Big man with a gun shoots a helpless deer,” commented one user on YouTube. Many comments echo the same amount of anger over the officer’s actions, but other comments seem to defend the shooting. A different YouTube user commented, “…they were just doing the humane thing and putting it down.”

Still, the disturbing video has been circulated all over social media, and there are many strong opinions about whether or not the officer’s actions were lawful.

Update: The first one was taken down. Here is another:


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