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Police Officer Makes False Masturbation Accusation About Man Filming Him (Video)

Cop Block Central Florida activist Michael Burns was detained by a Lakeland, Florida police officer for allegedly masturbating in his car in January.

In a video (below) shot by Burns, he recorded Lakeland police officer Javier Perez working an off-duty shift outside a business, notes

However, while Burns was filming, another police officer (pictured) walked up to his car and told Burns that someone reported him for “doing something that he should be doing in private.”

Burns was released that night, without charges.

Sometime later, Burns was able to get an audio recording of the person who reported him as a “suspicious person” sitting inside his car "masturbating.”

Burns also got the phone number of the caller, who could not say if Burns was black or white.

“I did a Spokeo search and it came back to a Javier Perez,” Burns told the “I then Googled the name and discovered a Javier Perez had been hired by the Lakeland Police Department.”

Burns was supposed to meet Officer Perez's commanding officer last night and promised to film that as well.



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