Police Officer Kevin Yang Pinched for Raiding Station Fridge

Police in Deer Park, Texas staged a successful sting operation to catch one of their own, red-handed, stealing food from the station fridge. Your tax dollars at work!

The department suspended Officer Kevin Yang for 30 days for "commandeering" food and drink from a communal station fridge. The other officers in the department caught Yang on CCTV stealing food that other people had set aside for lunch.

It was the station's police chief who made the decision to go ahead with the covert surveillance operation after a number of policemen in the department aired their grievances about missing items in the traditional manner - passive aggressive post-it notes.

The sting operation ran for five months. Mini cameras were inserted into the ceiling of the precinct kitchen and pointed directly at the Fridge. Yang, who had an otherwise clean department record, was filmed stealing a Monster energy drink and a sandwich from a local shop marked with a detective's initials. He denied any wrongdoing when confronted with the tape, but the proof was in the pudding - so to speak.

Case closed.

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