Police Officer Helps Disabled Man Carry Groceries To Nursing Home (Photo)


Ohio police officer Tom Ondecker was recently photographed helping a man in a wheelchair carry his groceries.

A local resident, Ricky Haylett, took the picture of Ondecker walking with the disabled man near Ohio’s State Route 14. The two were walking toward the elderly man’s nursing home on Saturday.

Local residents had apparently been concerned that the wheel-chair bound man was crossing a five-lane road alone and called Streetsboro Police Department to voice their fears. Ondecker valiantly responded.

After snapping the picture, Haylett followed Ondecker to Maple Wood Care nursing home, then offered the officer a ride back to his cruiser.

To honor Ondecker’s kindness, the Streetsboro Police Department uploaded the picture to Facebook.

“After a tough week for law enforcement in the national media, we want to share a story of the compassionate side of being a police officer,” the police department wrote.

The department also thanked Haylett for capturing the photo.

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Sources: DailyMail, PoliceOne


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