Police Officer Goes Crazy On A Guy She Admits Did Nothing Wrong (Video)

A video has surfaced online showing a California police officer threatening a man she pulled over that she would search his car, even though she admitted that he did not do anything wrong. When he began to question her, the officer lost her cool.

In the video, the unidentified officer walks up to the man’s window and asks where the man and his passenger are going. The man immediately asks why he was pulled over, and the officer tells him it is because they have had “a lot of problems with fraud rental cars.”  He then asks if he is being detained, and when she says no, he tries to put an end to the conversation.

The officer does not leave, however, and asks the man where he is going. Instead of answering, he once again asks if he is being detained or if he is free to go. That’s when the cop loses it.

"I'm asking you a question but you can be pulled out of the car and I can search it if you really want," says the officer.

"Um, how is that?" the man asks.

"Any way I want,” threatens the officer. “Doesn't mean I can use what I find, but I can do it. So you wanna do that? You wanna play that game, you little hardass?"

The officer then goes on to comment on the man’s tattoos and insinuates that he looks like a “gangster.” Finally, she walks away, but not before saying, “Get the fuck out of here.”

The video has sparked some intense reactions online, with some saying that the officer was completely out of line for the way she spoke to the man.

“The officer is unprofessional,” wrote one user on Facebook. “She should be kicked out of the force for being a douche.”

It’s not clear who this officer is or where the video came from, but since being posted on YouTube in August, it has accumulated over 200,000 views.


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