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Hero Cop Helps Little Girl After Her Bike Was Stolen

A California police officer became a celebrity on Facebook after he went above and beyond for a little girl whose bike was stolen.

Nina Sanchez originally posted about the incident on Facebook and said she was shocked to discover that her young daughter’s bike was stolen. Bella, Sanchez’s daughter, loved her Minnie Mouse bike and was devastated to see that it was gone. Sanchez immediately filed a police report, and to her surprise, Officer Michael Kohr showed up the next day and went beyond the call of duty to help.

"On my way to take my daughter Bella on a bike ride, to our dismay we realized her cherished Minnie Mouse bike that Santa brought her had been stolen, along with our jogging stroller,” wrote Sanchez in her Facebook post the day that Officer Kohr helped her daughter. “To say we were heartbroken is an understatement. Through many tears and reassuring hugs I managed to call in a police report. This afternoon I received a call from Officer Kohr that he was on his way with a brand new Princess bike.”

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Sanchez says that in addition to buying a new bike for Bella, Officer Kohr also happened to get one in her favorite color that featured her favorite princess. Officer Kohr even took time out of his day to teach the young girl how to ride it, and after snapping a picture of the bike-riding lesson, Sanchez decided to post the story to Facebook. After it was posted, the picture went viral, and Officer Kohr became somewhat of a celebrity on Facebook. Sanchez says she is grateful for his generosity.

“This is kindness and selflessness at its finest,” said Sanchez. “This officer went well above his call of duty and took the time to make a little girls day. I cannot fully express how grateful I am. He has left such an impression in our hearts, and am thoroughly impressed with his generosity. Thank you once again Officer Kohr.”

The Oxnard Police Department also applauded their officer’s actions and thanked him for “taking exceptional service to heart.”

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