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Police Officer Gets No Charge, Lecture After Going 90 In A 45

After being pulled over for going almost 90 mph in a 45 mph, a Baton Rouge police officer received no tickets or charges for his wild driving. Instead, he was only “counseled” by one of his superiors.

According to Jim Mustian of The Advocate, off-duty officer David Stewart saw a truck flying down a Baton Rouge road recently. Despite being, well, off duty, Stewart thought the safety threat was serious enough that he should pursue and pull over the truck.

The truck ran for over a minute before pulling over. As Officer Stewart talked with the driver, the two got into a heated exchange during which it was revealed that the two men were colleagues at the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Stewart scolded his fellow officer, Brian Harrison, for driving so dangerously. Harrison’s response?

“I don’t care.”

“That’s what’s wrong with police officers like you,” Stewart said back. “You ought not to be a police officer.”

Soon after, Harrison gave Stewart a nice middle-finger before driving off.

This kind of conduct would obviously land an ordinary citizen in jail for at least the day, but not Harrison.

Apparently if you’re a cop, reckless driving only requires a bit of lecturing. After his lecture, Harrison released a brief apology. Here’s a bit of it: “I could have conducted myself in a more professional manner. The actions I displayed in that video are not how I carry myself in my day to day life or when I’m on duty with the police department.”

If only it were this easy for the rest of us. Could you imagine?

“Sir, you were going 90 in a 45. I’m afraid that means you need a good talkin’ to. We’ll call ya soon. Have a good one.”

Source: The Advocate


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