Police Officer Frees Stuck Deer, Catches The Awesome Good Deed On Video


Here’s a story about a good cop...

A video out of Hudson, New York shows police officer Kevin Sweet rescuing a deer that was tangled up in Christmas lights.

“When I was off duty I drove by my mom’s house, pulled in the driveway and there was a deer standing there with a bundle of Christmas lights around his neck,” Officer Sweet said. “Immediately I knew the deer was in distress. It tried to run away but it couldn’t.”

Sweet calmly approached the young deer. He jokingly recalled “talking to it” in an attempt to relax the animal. The deer first tried to run away, but eventually settled down. It was then that Sweet took out a small knife and managed to cut away the cords that were wrapped around the deer’s neck.

After freeing the deer, Sweet speaks a few reassuring words to the animal and encourages it to get up. But the deer, who was so frightened of Sweet just moments before, doesn’t seem to want to leave his rescuer’s side.

Sweet told an interviewer it was then that he sensed the deer was grateful to him.

“At the end as I walked away up the hill after I got it off and it was standing there, it looked at me for a minute and kind of looked like ‘What just happened?’” Sweet says with a smile.

Check out the heartwarming footage here:

Source: YouTube


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