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Police Officer Shoves Woman Into Concrete Bench

Former Skokie, Ill., police officer Michael Hart was punished with two years of probation this week after being caught on film shoving a woman into a concrete bench.

The incident happened in 2012 when victim Cassandra Feuerstein was arrested for drunk driving. At the police station, Hart was seen on camera shoving Feuerstein into a concrete bench. Feuerstein crashed face-first into the bench, breaking her eye socket and loosening multiple teeth.

On Wednesday, Hart pleaded guilty to official misconduct and was handed his two-year probation sentence, the Chicago Tribune reports. Hart resigned from the police department last year after being told by superiors that he would eventually be fired for the incident.

Hart read the following apology in court on Wednesday. The apology was directed at Feuerstein, but she was not present during the sentencing:

"I did not intend to or want to harm you in any way," Hart said. "I acted in frustration and not out of anger or meanness. I'm sorry for the injuries I caused you. I hope you can accept my heartfelt apology."

Feuerstein is also suing Hart over the incident. Hearings for the lawsuit are expected to begin soon.

Sources: The Chicago Tribune, ABC Chicago Photo: ABC Chicago, Heather Charles/Chicago Tribune


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