Police Officer Fired Over Controversial Facebook Comments, Suspects Retaliation


A Haines City, Florida, police officer resigned from the force last month after her superiors discovered controversial comments on her Facebook page.

The comments made by former officer Amelia Inoa were reported to Haines City officials in an anonymous email. Here are some of the problematic posts attributed to Inoa on Facebook:

- In response to a man being killed by a police officer in New Jersey, she wrote that the slain man was a “ --- piece of s**t. But I'm sure [his widow] likes the EBT card she has from our taxes.”

- "People who hate cops and want to harm people for no reason are the ones who are the first to throw out their hands for free stuff.”

- “Is that facial hair on a lady?” she commented on the mug shot of an arrested woman.

- “One of polk county’s bust from the sex sting,” she wrote under a mug shot of a woman. “Male or female!???!!? Haha just kidding.”

- “I swear all guys have the Douche bag gene in them from birth.”

- "It was a good night at work when you find a guy hitch hiking in a mariachi outift. He says 'my friends kicked me outta de car and took my sombrero.' I kid u not!!!" Inoa included a picture of the man in her post.

Her Facebook followers also reported what they considered troubling pictures posted by Inoa, like this:

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(via WTSP)

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Inoa claimed responsibility for all of the posts, but said she shouldn’t be punished for them. She argued she was exercising her first amendment rights. The Haines City Police Department said she does have a right to say what she wants, but must realize that she is held to a higher standard than most as a public servant. On August 13, 2014, she resigned from the police department.

Who was the anonymous person who reported Inoa’s Facebook posts? Inoa thinks she knows. She told the Polk County Sheriff’s office that she believes Herb Hernandez, an officer on the Haines City police force, reported the posts out of retaliation.

Inoa filed a complaint against Hernandez earlier this year claiming he harassed her. An investigation found Inoa’s complaint was warranted, and Hernandez’s rank was dropped from sergeant to officer as a result.

“If I'm not mistaken, this is all stuff that Herb Hernandez decided to take Human Resources and they told him they weren't going to touch it and miraculously it got emailed to the news channels,” Inoa said in the interview with the sheriff’s department. 

Sources: WTSP, The Tampa Tribune, WFLA


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