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Police Officer Daniel Madewell Shoots, Kills Suicidal Man Holding BB Gun (Video)

Police Officer Daniel Madewell and other officers were called to an apartment building in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday after a male suspect chased his roommate out of their apartment with a knife and then refused to come out.

According to KWTV-TV, the man had been acting suicidal and was starting fires inside the apartment (video below).

Two hours later, the suspect walked on the balcony holding a BB gun. Police claimed that Officer Madewell was forced to open fire and kill the suspect after he pointed the non-lethal BB gun at the officers.

“The rifle appeared to be authentic and had a scope attached,” the Tulsa Police Department said in a statement. “As the suspect pointed the weapon at the officers, one officer fired multiple rounds at the suspect, hitting him at least once. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. When officers approached the suspect it was discovered that the weapon was actually a BB gun."

Tulsa police spokesperson Leland Ashley told KOKI-TV: “The officer feared for his life. Situations are rapidly evolving and there is a matter of seconds sometimes when an officer has to make a judgment or his or her life could be in danger.”

Even though the police department defended his actions, Officer Madewell was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

Source: KWTV-TV


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