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Police Officer Confesses to Murdering Victims He Met Online

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After an extensive investigation, Wisconsin police have finally solved the case sparked by the discovery of two murdered bodies found in suitcases in a ditch in southern Wisconsin.

One of the bodies was that of Laura Simonson, a mother of seven from Farmington, Minn. The other has yet to be positively identified. Both bodies showed signs of gruesome, sexually charged torture.

Inquisitr reports, " Simonson had rope wrapped around her neck, had a sexual ball gag strapped into her mouth with a collar and was naked. The second body... was partially concealed in black plastic garbage bags and had her hands bound with rope behind her back."

Steven Zelich, an ex-police officer from West Allis, Wis., has been arrested and charged with the crime of "hiding a corpse", though more charges are expected to be filed. According to court reports, Zelich has admitted to committing both of the murders.

While Zelich has no prior criminal record, he resigned from the West Allis police department under "suspicious circumstances" back in 2001, Fox 6 Now reports.

Investigators say they are looking into Zelich’s profile on a sexual fetish website called “CollarMe.” Using the name “Mr. Handcuffs”. His profile says he is "actively seeking submissive women". The profile also states that he is, "Seeking a 24/7 slave for absolute ownership. There is nothing better than a slave tied tight, gagged, blindfolded, hooded."

Someone close to Simonson posted the following ad, making it evident that at least one person knew of Zelich's activities prior to police investigation: "Steven Mark Zelich is a sadist who has enslaved a petite female named Laura Jean Simonson. He keeps her naked, handcuffed, shacked and caged."

Laura's father has confirmed that his daughter had a history of mental illness. Upon being arrested, Zelich stated that he "saw Laura as a vulnerable adult because of things in her life that she was dealing with.”

According to the Inquisitr, "Zelich will be arraigned for a bail/bond hearing in court on Friday at 1:15 p.m."


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