Police Officer Chase Delatte Accidentally Fires his Gun in Bathroom of Strip Club


Off-duty police officer Chase Delatte was at the Crazy Horse Cabaret strip club in Gonzales, Louisiana, on March 13, when he walked into the men's restroom and accidentally fired his police-issued pistol.

“Witnesses observed Chase get up from the table and walk to the bathroom and they heard a loud bang shortly after he entered,” stated the sheriff’s report, per WAFB-TV. “Chase then exited the restroom and went to the bar to close out his tab. Management later discovered a gunshot hole in the door of the men’s restroom.”

Delatte later admitted to investigators that his gun accidentally fired while he was in the bathroom, according to TheAdvocate.com.

"Delatte was cooperative while speaking... but a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was emitting from his facial area," said the sheriff's report.

"Once I was notified of Officer Delatte's involvement, an investigation was initiated by my office," said Gonzales Police Chief Sherman Jackson said in a statement. "Our findings led to the recommendation and subsequent three-day suspension of Officer Delatte in regards to his conduct."

"I know officer Delatte well and firmly believe him to be an officer of exceptional character.  We are thankful that no one was hurt."

Sources: WAFB-TV and TheAdvocate.com


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