Police Officer Charged with Forcing Woman to Strip While He Pleasured Himself (Video)

Former Philadelphia Police Officer Joseph Harvey has been charged for allegedly forcing a woman to strip while he pleasured himself.

Officer Sean Cahill was also arrested because he allegedly lied to FBI investigators and told them that he was with Harvey at the time of the October 8, 2009 incident and that Harvey was never alone with the victim, noted 6 Action News.

Harvey and Cahill were arrested by federal agents on Wednesday (video below).

According to court documents, Harvey forced the female to suspect to strip and sit naked while he masturbated.

Harvey is charged with violating the victim's civil rights, which could mean up to one year in prison, a $100,000 fine and another $100 fee.

Oddly, there was no charge of indecent exposure or sexual battery.

Officer Cahill is charged with making a material false statement to the FBI and could get a stiffer sentence. He faces up to five years in prison, a $250,000 fine, up to three years on probation and a $100 fee.

Officer Cahill and Harvey will be tried in a federal court.

Harvey was previously accused by state authorities, but was not convicted due to mishaps by the prosecution team, which had a semen sample taken from the victim's pants that they linked to Harvey, noted the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The case was declared a mistrial in 2011 after an assistant district attorney improperly mentioned the pants, which had not been introduced into evidence at the trial.

That judge later reversed his decision, but state prosecutors missed a seven-month deadine to re-charge Harvey.

"There is simply no excuse for the Commonwealth's failure to resolve this matter before now," said Common Pleas Court Judge Barbara A. McDermott, who dismissed the charges in 2012.

Sources: Philadelphia Inquirer and 6 Action News


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