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Police Officer Caught Speeding More Than 700 Times (Video)

Sorrento, La. Police Officer James Bell has reportedly broken the speed limit more than 700 times, according to a GPS device in his police cruiser.

On Sept. 2, 2013, Officer Bell claimed he was "attempting to catch up to a vehicle that was allegedly going 80 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone," says a report by the Louisiana State Police.

However, at some point in the chase, Officer Bell lost control and hit another car. Officer Bell was driving 100 m.p.h. when he hit the other car, according to the GPS in his police cruiser.

"The officer was just driving down the road at this crazy rate of speed," attorney Andre Gauthier, who represents the female driver who was hit by Officer Bell, told WAFB (video below).

Gauthier requested the GPS records for Officer Bell's police car, which reportedly show the cruiser going more than 75 m.p.h. 737 times from July 1 to September 3, many times outside of the city limit.

"You're driving like that in areas outside of your jurisdiction, surely you're not chasing people outside of your jurisdiction," added Gauthier.

"Yes, he was wrong and he was reprimanded for it," said Police Chief Earl Theroit.

The Sorrento Police Department's disciplinary record on Officer Bell only shows one reprimand for speeding.

"So, why isn't he on paid administrative leave? That, well, we don't have the manpower," stated Chief Theroit, who only has five police officers.

Chief Theroit bragged that Officer Bell has caught more than 300 speeders in the past two months, noted the Epoch Times.

"I think they should take him off the road before someone gets killed," said Gauthier.

Sources: Epoch Times and WAFB


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