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Police Officer Caught On Camera Shoving And Tripping Students At Soccer Game (Video)

A Texas police officer was caught on camera tripping and shoving high school students as they rushed onto a soccer field following a state championship win.

Vandegrift High School in Georgetown, Texas won their first ever state soccer championship this weekend, and as expected, the entire school was really excited. As the game ended, students ran from the bleachers onto the field to celebrate the victory, but the police officer in question decided that wouldn’t fly.

As shown in multiple video angles, the officer rushes onto the field and begins to trip and shove students as they stormed onto the grass.

“He should’ve used better judgment,” said student Rohan Gupta, who captured footage of the incident on his phone. “We’re high schoolers just trying to have some fun after our team won.”

Following the incident, parents emailed the Georgetown Police Department complaining about the officer’s actions.

“Georgetown administrators have taken the information and will be forwarding it to internal affairs for review and investigation,” said police captain Roland Waits to KXAN.

According to reports, one student actually suffered an injury from being tripped by the officer.


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