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Police Officer Assaulted By Black Suspect, Witness Cheers (Video)

Police in Hawthorne, California, responded to a call at a strip mall where a man was allegedly asking people for money and threatening them if they didn't hand over some cash on Dec. 15.

A witness' video (below) shows two police officers trying to detain the suspect, who fights back.

The witness repeatedly cheers the suspect on and yells, "F--- the police!"

The cops struggle with the man, who punched one of the officers, noted The Free Thought Project.

The video doesn't show the entire incident, but according to a Hawthorne Police Department press release, the suspect was eventually brought down after multiple rounds of tasering (he was wearing bulky clothing that repelled most of the Taser deployments).

The scene seems to be an exception to many reports of police fatally shooting people who refuse to comply or supposedly threaten officers with toy guns. However, in this case, the witness cursed at the police for handling the situation without using their guns.

The suspect was later identified as Thomas Christopher Brown. He was charged with obstructing/resisting an officer and assault on a police officer.


Sources: The Free Thought Project, Hawthorne Police Department
Image Credit: Hawthorne, California Police Logo


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