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Police Officer Arrested For Stealing Air Jordans During Failed Drug Raid (Video)

Sgt. Antoine Williams was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly stealing a pair of Air Jordan shoes during a failed drug raid in Fort Worth, Texas on Oct. 16.

According to the Dallas Morning News, officers reported Sgt. Williams, who is a supervisor in a narcotics unit in the Fort Worth police department, carrying the shoes out of the home that was raided.

The Special Investigations Section of the police department searched Sgt. Williams' Arlington, Texas home on Oct. 17 and found four pairs of new shoes, including a pair of Air Jordans similar to those missing in the drug raid (video below).

The drug raid occurred at the home of Marquis Green, who told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, "They didn't find no drugs in the house at all. They just took shoes that I ain't never wore."

"They is the bad guys, really," added Green. "They just got a badge on their side; that's the only thing."

During the drug raid, Green was pulled over by two police officers who claimed he ran a red light. Green says they took him to jail and insists he didn't run a red light.

After he spent the night in jail, Green returned home and noticed his new Air Jordans were missing along with some other expensive shoes. Also gone was his "Grand Theft Auto" video game and about $3000.

Fort Worth police only noted that $1,060 was found during the failed raid.

Sgt. Williams is on restricted duty, which means he cannot carry a gun or badge.

Sources: NBC Dallas-Fort Worth and Dallas Morning News


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