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Police Officer Arrested After Being Robbed During Alleged Sex Meeting

A 24-year-old Ohio police officer was charged with solicitation, fined $250, and given a 60-day suspended sentence Wednesday.

Chris Cassell pleaded no contest to arranging to meet 43-year-old Dawn Gibson for sex in a motel. But it turned out to be a set-up and he was robbed by three men.

Police said the incident occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the Carefree Inn in Elyria, Ohio. Cassell was off duty at the time.

Cassell paid Gibson $100 for sex before the three men burst into the room.

“Mr. Cassell stated that he was choked until he lost consciousness,” wrote Capt. Chris Costantino, according to the Chronicle Telegram. “Mr. Cassell was unconscious for several minutes and when he awoke all the subjects were gone.”

Cassell’s wallet and his personal handgun were stolen. The gun was later recovered.

“I believe the assault that happened last night would be punishment enough, however if you will allow, I will pay the max fine and, hopefully, and/or, probation, but I beg you, I don’t want to go to jail,” Cassell said to Judge Lisa Locke Graves in court.

Two of the three men involved in the robbery, Jordan Marquez and Dominique Mincy, were detained at the hotel. A third is still being sought.

Gibson, who went by the name Ashley on Craigslist where Cassell saw her ad, was also charged with solicitation, possession of drug abuse instruments, and complicity in a robbery.

Police added they were looking into Gibson’s statement claiming that she had a fight with her pimp a week earlier, resulting in her suffering a black eye.

Following his court appearance, Cassell voluntarily resigned from his post as a sheriff’s deputy.

Sheriff Phil Stammitti said that Cassell had been a “good officer,” New York Daily News reported. Cassell also indicated his remorse over the incident, News Net 5 added.

Sources: Chronicle Telegram, New York Daily News, News Net 5/ Photo credit: Chronicle Telegram


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