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Police Officer Ana Carrasco Failed To Render Aid At Deadly Car Crash

Pinecrest police officer Ana Carrasco has been accused of failing to render aid at the scene of a deadly accident as the first on-duty responder.

A drunk driver struck two University of Miami graduate students, Ying Chen and Hao Liu, the evening of Oct. 16, 2013.

Officer Carrasco arrived on the scene after off-duty Miami Police Sgt. Javier Ortiz.

"I jumped out of my car, I have a defibrillator, and checked the vitals on both victims," said Ortiz.

"I immediately started CPR on the female. It was just me. I had no one to work on the male and I was waiting for help to arrive," said Ortiz.

When Officer Carrasco arrived on the scene, Ortiz told her the male victim was not breathing and that she needed to turn him over and start CPR, reports CBS Miami.

Officer Carrasco did nothing.

"I got no response. She just stood there," said Ortiz. "I said it again and again and again ... There were people, civilians, yelling at her to please do something and she did absolutely nothing."

The dash camera on Carrasco's vehicle showed her standing with her hands in her pockets watching Ortiz help the female student. It also showed how Ortiz was covered in blood.

Multiple witnesses claim in recorded statements Officer Carrasco did not help the victims.

"She walked slowly and he started yelling at her," Samantha Evers said. "She didn't kneel, she didn't do anything. She just looked and walked away."

Carrasco has been questioned as part of an Internal Affairs investigation. She said she gave Ortiz a pair of gloves when he asked for them, told bystanders to back away from the scene, and tried to locate the vehicle that hit the victims, which was stopped a short distance away.

"I actually made a visual assessment on the male facing down. I didn't see him breathing, I didn't see his lungs or chest expanding or any signs of life," said Carrasco. "Based on my training, education, experience I was concerned flipping the male victim over. I was
concerned it could cause cervical or spinal injury and maybe kill him. I don't know if he's dead or not. I run back to my car to see if I have more gloves to see if I can search for any vital signs at that time rescue arrived."

Carrasco did not have another pair of gloves and thus did not check for vital signs of the injured male.

In January, Pinecrest police investigators determined she failed to help the fatally injured and suggested a one-week suspension without pay as her penalty, reports the Miami Herald.

Ortiz is outraged by the decision.

"I think that's pretty unheard of," Ortiz said. "I'm actually surprised that Pinecrest would be so lenient. In our department, you would be terminated for that."


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