Police Officer Admits Ordering Mentally Ill Black Man to Sing, Make Animal Noises (Video)


A police officer reportedly confessed last Friday to recording videos of a mentally ill black man in Grosse Pointe Park, Mich., who was commanded by the officer to sing and make animal noises.

The unidentified police officer was taken off duty and is expected to face discipline by the city this coming week; no word if that will include criminal charges (video below).

The man identified in the video is Michael Scipio (pictured), who thought he was being recorded by police in an effort to make fun of him.

“An officer has stepped forward to take responsibility for the video and for interacting with Mr. Scipio in that fashion," Grosse Pointe Park spokesman Greg Bowens told theDetroit Free Press. "The officer has been removed from patrol duty pending the conclusion of our investigation."

“We are asking anyone who has a video showing someone being mistreated in this fashion to call the Grosse Pointe Park [Public Safety] Department and the mayor’s office,” added Bowens, who was hired by the city to specifically handle the controversy.

“My friends, my neighbors and residents are all appalled by what has occurred,” Bowens told My Fox Detroit last Thursday. “This is not a true representation of who we are in Grosse Pointe Park. We are working very hard at getting to the bottom of it.”

An investigation into the videos began after the Motor City Muckraker obtained the videos from an unidentified source's cell phone. The videos appeared to show Scipio and at least one other black man.

The videos have drawn condemnation and protests.

Sources: Detroit Free Press, My Fox Detroit, Motor City Muckraker


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