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Police Officer Admits He Decapitated Retired Veteran, Is Treated To Paid Administrative Leave

A Florida police detective decapitated a retired Army veteran with his vehicle and neglected to stop or report the accident.

On the evening of June 28, Bill McIntyre, 60, was struck by a SUV-type vehicle and killed, his head decapitated from his 200-pound body, reports The Free Thought Project.

According to witnesses, the vehicle that struck Bill sped off from the scene in a hit-and-run. A call was not made by the driver to authorities regarding the accident.

Bill’s family received a call from Tampa Bay Police 11 days later saying one of their vehicles hit him. Police had matched blood found on one of their vehicles to the veteran.

According to police, the detective was on his way to a robbery and did not realize he had hit anyone.

“I want to make sure I'm getting accurate information,” Bill’s son, Bradley McIntyre, said. “I want to make sure nothing is being left out. If it was me, if I hit a cop and took off what would happen to me? How different is the justice system going to work for the officer involved than it does for me?”

The Tampa Bay Police initially declined to comment on the investigation. They did say at the time they were “no longer looking for the vehicle involved.”

Only after an interview was published with Bradley did police acknowledge it was one of their own that claimed Bill’s life, reports RT.

“This is absolutely being handled differently than a traditional hit and run because an officers vehicle was involved," Tampa Bay Police Department spokesperson Andrea Davis said. "It's being handled very critically. The state attorney’s office is already involved. The chief, all the way down, has been reviewing this case and had their hands involved in the investigation."

The officer has been placed on paid administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing.

Bill had just left a bar when he was struck and killed. According to other bar patrons, he was walking upright and appeared to be fine, Bradley said.

“I can't help but wonder if everything I'm being told is the complete truth," Bradley said. "The cops are trying to tell me it was an honest mistake. I drive past the scene every day. When I see it, I see nothing but lights.”

Sources: The Free Thought ProjectRT / Photo credit: The Free Thought Project


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