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Video: Police Officer Accidentally Crashes Motorcycle Into Child, is Attacked by Her Father Christopher Middleton

In Maywood, Illinois, an unnamed police officer, who was off-duty, accidentally struck 4-year-old Taniyah Middleton with his motorcycle and then shot and killed the girl’s father, Christopher Middleton (pictured).

When Taniyah Middleton ran in the way of the officer's path, he ditched his bike, but it still hit the little girl, on Saturday night (video below).

The officer tried to help the girl and that's when her father, Christopher Middleton, rushed out of a nearby restaurant, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Christopher Middleton punched the officer, who had identified himself. The girl's 18-year-old cousin John Passley then joined in on the beating.

The police officer then fired his gun at Middleton, who died later that night.

Middleton's cousin, Mathis Hoskin told the Chicago Sun-Times: "Chris was a great father. He was always helpful, never mad, always happy with a smile on his face."

Taniyah Middleton was treated at a local hospital for injuries. The police officer had broken bones from the motorcycle accident and injuries from the beating.


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