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Police: Nurses Charged After Video Emerges Of Their Treatment Of Alzheimer's Patient (Video)

WINTER HAVEN—Police report that two staff members at a nursing home were captured on video “tormenting” and battering a 76-year-old Alzheimer’s patient.

Now, 28-year-old Yashika Zenobiaha Jones and 35-year-old Rose Dorlean Blaise are facing serious charges in relation to the alleged repeated assaults.

Both Jones and Blaise are certified nursing assistants who work at the Palm Garden Nursing Home on Cypress Gardens Boulevard.

The victim’s son, Dale Wilson, had noticed random bruising on his father. In early October, he set up a hidden camera at the nursing home—and what he captured was a disturbing series of events.

On Thursday, police released videos showing several different incidents.

Police cited the video and interviews with other staff members in regards to three specific events that occurred over three weeks’ time.

On Oct. 7, while another nurse was present in the room, Jones was rubbing her hands on the victim’s face and making punching motions to agitate him.

On Oct. 16, Blaise appears to lunge at the victim as he gets agitated and flails his arms. According to a police report, the woman used her legs and feet to stomp on his bare feet or kick him in the leg.

On Oct. 24, Jones is again seen making punching motions at the victim. Police said that she also grabbed his wrists and used his fist to punch and slap himself in the face.

Both Jones and Blaise are being held in the Polk County jail without bond.

Jones faces two counts of battery of an elderly person; she has denied the accusations. Blaise is charged with one count of battery on the elderly; she declined to comment when questioned by detectives.

My Fox Tampa Bay reports that Wilson said that he knew there were people in the home being mean to his father. “They can’t be mean to you anymore. They’re gone. I promise,” Wilson promised his father.

Palm Healthcare Management released a statement stating that the two employees had been suspended without pay while the investigation continues. The statement notes that “allegations of abuse had been made toward six employees as to the treatment of a resident.”

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Photo Sources: My Fox Tampa BayFox 10 Phoenix


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