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Pennsylvania Man Arrested After Dog Found Drunk

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after his dog was found intoxicated and showing signs of alcohol poisoning.

According to KRON, a Chihuahua named Maxwell was rushed to the emergency room in the Pittsburgh metro area after police say it drank liquor that had spilled inside a car, which was being driven by the dog's owner -- who was suspected of being intoxicated himself, says Dr. Dimitri Brown of University Veterinary Specialists.

Thomas Bloedel, 44, has been arrested after he was found drunk behind the wheel of his vehicle in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. Police say that both Bloedel and Maxwell were heavily intoxicated. 

Brown says that it was evident that Maxwell was intoxicated as "he was stumbling around like a person who was drunk" and that "his pupils were dilated."

"He was pretty confused about what's going on," Brown said of Maxwell, according to KDKA.

Bethel Park police say that Bloedel threatened to shoot and kill the arresting officers prior to being arrested.

Bloedel has been taken to the Allegheny County Jail and has been charged with driving under the influence, terroristic threats, and animal cruelty, according to KRON.

Maxwell was treated overnight by Brown, who put an IV in his leg in order to flush the alcohol out of his system.

"At low [doses of alcohol there is] not much of a risk, at higher dose they can go into comas and aspirate and develop pneumonia so it absolutely can be deadly," Brown said.

Maxwell is seemingly back to normal following the incident.

"He’s doing really well. Super happy, playing outside, getting treatments and lots of care today," said University Veterinary Specialists veterinary technician Brianna Chilleo. "Felt bad for him, he looked really out of it worried and anxious and a little stressed out but knew we’d be able to help out and get him feeling better."

Maxwell is currently staying at an animal control officer's home after he was medically cleared by the vet. 

According to KDKA, Bloedel was caught after a neighbor called police to report that he had hit a fence and a pole with the Subaru he was driving. When police arrived at the scene, he was sitting behind the wheel of the vehicle, with the engine still running and the transmission still in gear -- a bottle of vodka was in his lap. The bottle was open and vodka was spilling out inside of the car. Bloedel reportedly told police that he had also taken two Vicodin.

Sources: KRONKDKA / Photo credit: KDKA

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