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Police: Nebraska Man Enslaved Woman, Burned Her With Cigarettes And Forced Her To Drink Urine

A Nebraska man has been arrested for allegedly enslaving a woman, burning her with cigarettes and a lighter. and forcing her to drink his urine, police said Wednesday. 

The New York Daily News reports authorities arrested 35-year-old Nicholas Allen Talbot, of Lincoln, Nebraska, Tuesday and charged him with domestic assault. 

Details of the alleged abuse were reported by the Lincoln Journal Star Wednesday. 

The paper reported police were notified by the Rev. Kathy Gouin of Lincoln Foursquare Church after the alleged victim, a parishioner at the church, confided in her about the abuse. 

Gouin described the 32-year-old woman, who was not named, as an “innocent” person who “believes people.”

“She’s very sweet and innocent,” Gouin told the paper. “She’s a vulnerable young woman.”

An affidavit, filled out by Lincoln police officer Angela Morehouse, said Talbot had forced the woman to sign a “slave contract” that declared the woman “only had rights the master gave her.”

Investigators reportedly found four to six burn marks on the woman’s back that she told police she received when Talbot extinguished cigarettes on her body. She also had burns on her buttocks from a lighter and a burn on her right breast from a heated screwdriver, according to Morehouse’s affidavit. 

The police document also indicated the victim said Talbot forced her to drink his urine once or twice a day. 

The 32-year-old told investigators the abuse had been going on for 10 years but she was afraid to talk to the police because Talbot convinced her the authorities were part of his “company” or “gang,” according to information in the affidavit. Morehouse also indicated in the document that the woman claimed Talbot had threatened to kill her grandmother and parents in front of her if she refused to obey him. 

Nebraska State Patrol records, obtained by the Journal Star, show Talbot is a registered sex offender. He served three years in prison for sexually assaulting a child twice in 1998, according to  Nebraska Department of Correctional Services records.

Lancaster County Judge James Foster set Talbot’s bond at 10 percent of $25,000 on Tuesday.

Talbot was last reported to be in custody Wednesday.

Sources: New York Daily NewsLincoln Journal Star / Photo Credit: New York Daily News courtesy of Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office


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