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Police Nab Genius Criminal, Wrote Down Robbery in Datebook

Here's a lesson for wanna-be criminals -- if you're going to commit a crime, don't make a note of it in your datebook.

In June 2010, a business was robbed in the British town of Portsmouth. The robber dropped a piece of food with his DNA on it, which police traced back to a man named Rashad Delawala.

That led them to Jonathan Ochola, the alleged getaway driver. At first Ochola denied being there, but then police found his diary entry from that day: 

"When we found the diary we thought it was unusual," said police detective Mel Sinclair. "You don't normally get such a good piece of evidence like that. But he was foolish enough to put it in and he said in his interview that it was stupid."

Both men were convicted of robbery and will be sentenced later this month. Perhaps another date worthy of the diary.


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