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Police: Mom Arrested After 3-Year-Old Son Calls 911 On Her

A 3-year-old boy called 911 after his mother passed out in a motel room with three men.

The child told the 911 operator he could not wake his mother.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, police located the motel but did not immediately know what room the child had called from. Officer Dylan Wooley eventually found the room where one under-the-influence man, Timothy Fairbanks, 35, was sitting near the door, reports Sun Herald.

The mother and two other men were inside the room asleep.

The two men were identified as Dustin Yates, 32, and Kristopher Wales.

The child’s mother, Ashley Nicole McDaniel, 26, was awoken by Wooley. She gave officers permission to search the room.

More than 4 grams of marijuana and a small plastic bag of methamphetamine were found by police.

McDaniel was arrested, and charged with child neglect and possession of marijuana, reports The Daily Mail.

Fairbanks and Wales were each arrested on a possession of a controlled substance charge. Yates faces a charge of possession of paraphernalia and is being held on outstanding warrants.

The child has been placed in the custody of the Department of Human Services.

Sources: Sun HeraldThe Daily Mail / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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