Shocker: Police Talked to Jaycee Dugard While She was Being Held

I have to admit this one kind of blew me away. Part of the reason the State Of California was so quick to settle with Jaycee Dugard last week and give her gobs of money was not just that State officials visited the property and did not see Jaycee as had been reported. Nope. It gets much, much worse. During one visit they actually met with Jaycee and one of her children and accepted the fact from the convicted sex offender and criminal that they were his nieces. No followup, no checking up, just an ok, and then probably a long lunch.

Seriously. They talked to her? Yesterday when I read this I thought about why she did not say anything to them at the time. Just saying help or running for it while they were there. Then I realized she was probably unable to do so emotionally. I am actually also surprised that the daughter didn't say something like I am his daughter not his niece.

It is only because someone did take the time later when they were passing out flyers at that University, and did their job that Jaycee was freed. If you are those officers who visited and did nothing, they must feel miserable. Just do your job and a lot of years of pain could have been avoided.


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