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Police: Man Tried To Pick Up Prostitute With His Child In The Car

A Pennsylvania man is behind bars after police said he tried to pick up an undercover Pittsburgh cop posing as a prostitute while his 7-year-old child was with him.

26-year-old Anthony Johnson of Bon Air, Pennsylvania, was arrested early on Saturday morning while police were conducting a roadside undercover prostitution sting.

Johnson arrived in a Chevrolet Impala just after midnight, police say. The sting was conducted near Brownsville Road and McKinley Street in Pittsburgh, reports WPXI.

Police say the area has been plagued by prostitutes so they performed a sting operation, according to a WPXI video report.

Johnson rolled up in his car and rolled down his window. He and the female undercover officer had a short conversation while Johnson stalled his car before allegedly offering to pay her for sex.

Johnson was arrested without incident and taken into custody. When police searched his vehicle, they uncovered a baggie with about six grams of crack cocaine, $4,145 in cash and three cell phones, police say.

According to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, possession of more than five grams of crack cocaine may carry a minimum penalty of five years in prison.

Johnson’s 7-year-old child was also in the back seat of the Impala at the time. The mother came and picked up the kid, who is now in her custody, according to Penn Live.

Johnson was charged with endangering the welfare of children, possession with intent to deliver, patronizing a prostitute and driving on a suspended license.

‘Patronizing a prostitute’ in Pennsylvania is a charge defined by hiring a prostitute or other person to engage in sexual activity, or entering or remaining in the house of a prostitute in order to hire them. However, a person who “hired” and undercover officer and was arrested prior to any sexual activity could probably still be convicted on the charge, according to Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Depending on the specific circumstance, those convicted of patronizing a prostitute can face up to seven years in prison, according to The Harrisburg Lawyers.

Johnson was taken to Alleghany County Jail on Sunday. He remains behind bars as he is unable to pay his $10,000 bail, according to court documents.

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Photo Credit: Allegany County Jail / WXPI


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