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Police Make Unexpected Discovery In Arrested Woman's Hair Weave

A Raleigh woman faces an additional charge after police found a gun hidden in her hair weave post-arrest.

Tiffanie Lizette Bass, 32, was arrested during a raid on a downtown nightclub. Bass was being processed at the jail when police discovered she had a .38-caliber handgun in her hair weave, reports WRAL.

According to Sheriff Donnie Harrison, who would not comment on the arrest, deputies noticed Bass was walking with her head leaning to one side when she exited the jail’s bathroom. They searched her and found the gun before she made it to the jail’s processing center.

Bass has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a stolen firearm, and resisting a police officer, reports WGNtv.

Why the gun was not found before Bass arrived at the jail is unclear.

An investigation has been opened as to whether proper procedures were followed when Bass was arrested, and whether the department’s policy on searches needs to be evaluated, Laura Hourigan, a spokeswoman for the Raleigh Police department said in a statement.

Bass had an outstanding warrant for a worthless check violation at the time of her arrest, and is a convicted felon. Bass’ bond has been set at $65,000 due to her criminal history.

Photo Source: WRAL


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