Police Make Troubling Find In Teen Girl's Backyard; Her Punishment Sparks Outrage

A 16-year-old North Carolina girl was arrested after she buried her newborn baby in her family’s backyard so that her parents wouldn’t find out she was ever pregnant.

Louisburg, North Carolina resident Ashley Marie Reed was charged with concealing and failure to report a death after turning herself into authorities.

According to reports, Reed was too scared to tell anybody about her pregnancy, and despite her boyfriend urging her to be open with her parents, she never once told them about it. The teen wore oversized shirts to hide it, and by the time she was full term, she gave birth on her own. The baby girl was just over eight pounds, and while Reed was trying to cut the umbilical cord, she accidentally cut the baby and caused her to bleed to death.

After her daughter, whom she had previously named Emma, died, she wrapped her body in a grocery bag and buried her in her family’s backyard. Authorities were tipped off that the teen was pregnant after someone overheard a conversation about Reed being pregnant and not telling her parents, and they were shocked to discover that the teen had buried her daughter.

18-year-old Aaron Davis, father of baby Emma Marie, said fear and a lot of bad decisions led to his daughter’s death.

“The last couple months, I kept trying to tell her to tell somebody," Davis said. "I was telling her to let somebody know."

Reed reportedly texted Davis after her water broke and planned to meet him at their church, but not long after, he received a text that his daughter was dead.

"That was when she told me that the baby didn't make it," Davis said.

The families have since held a funeral for the baby girl, and Davis said he was sad that the only time he got to see his daughter was at her funeral. Reed is currently out of jail after posting $50,000 bond and is set to appear in court next week. If convicted, she will likely only be sentenced to months of community service.

Source: Daily MailWRALNY Daily News 


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