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Police Make Horrifying Discovery After Entering A Home

The police department in Kenosha, Wisconsin, said two young children were found dead inside a home early on Sept. 12.

As well as the dead children, an injured woman, Lucia Hernandez Alvarez, was discovered in the house. She is reportedly the mother of the boys.

“This is a tragedy, these are two innocent children. Very unfortunate, very heart wrenching,” said neighbor Sherry Wallace. “Something like this goes beyond comprehension, it really does.”

Neighbors were shocked to hear what was discovered in the home.

When police arrived at the scene they found the woman injured. She was allegedly hurt from an apparent attempt to take her own life, reported Fox 6 Now.

Investigators in the case believe the children were medicated and then suffocated by Alvarez. In a news conference on Sept. 13, police said the children did not suffer any trauma, but that there is significant evidence of Alvarez’s guilt, reported Fox 6 Now.

“There is a journal or a log what was done to each child, the time each child stopped breathing,” said Kenosha Police Chief John Morrissey.

Police say Alvarez also mailed a package to her sister in which she detailed her plans, but that the package did not arrive until it was too late.

The two children were Alicia, 3, and Javier, 1.

“It's scary that something could happen so close to you,” said Gabriela Avila, another neighbor.

“You never know what's going on behind closed doors. Everyone I talked to didn't have a clue didn't even know there were people living in the house,” Wallace said. “It’s unfortunate, very sad.”

Alvarez was taken to hospital for treatment of stab wounds. The children's father was taken in for questioning. Officials say that even though they are in the preliminary stage of the investigation, they do not believe there is any threat to the public.

Alvarez faces two counts of homicide as she sits in Kenosha County Jail on $5 million bail.

Sources: Fox 6 Now (2) / Photo credit: Fox 6 Now


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