Police Make Horrific Discovery In Woman's Purse


A San Antonio, Texas, woman was caught with a fetus in her purse while being arrested for drug-related charges.

Officers reportedly approached 32-year-old Bernadette Rivera for violating a park curfew. They subsequently discovered several narcotics including heroin and methamphetamine on her person. The drugs were found near her private area, and she was quickly arrested for three felony drug charges, KENS reported. 

While she was being searched, Rivera informed officers that she had a fetus in her purse because she recently had a miscarriage. She said a nurse instructed that she take the fetus home with her, the Daily Mail reported. 

San Antonio Police Department public information officer Romana Lopez told the Daily Mail that the fetus was estimated to be about 8-weeks-old. 

A follow-up investigation found Rivera went to a local hospital after her miscarriage, left with the remains of the fetus and decided she "would determine the deposition of them.” The remains were roughly two inches long and kept inside a small, plastic Q-Tip box.

Possession of the remains was determined not to be a criminal case, police reported. The fetus was taken to a local funeral home. Arrangements have yet to be made with Rivera’s family.

No charges are expected to be filed in relation to the fetus in her purse. 

In a similar incident, a Murfreesboro, Tennessee, woman was arrested for attempting to self-abort her baby in the bathtub. Anna Yocca was charged with attempted first-degree murder in the case. 

Yucca became alarmed when, after using a coat hanger to try and abort the baby, she began bleeding profusely. Her boyfriend rushed her to the hospital, where doctors were ultimately able to save the child. She was 24 weeks pregnant at the time. 

Yucca was accused of causing several medical issues to the baby’s lungs, eyes and heart with a hanger she used to abort it, WKRN reported. The baby weighed 1.5 pounds at birth.

Sources: Daily Mail, KENS, WKRN / Photo credit: KENS

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